I lead my life and business believing that the key to success is to create long-term successful relationship with people. In SuperLife, we value continuous success and good character in business. In SuperLife, we believe that:
•To be successful, you have to work hard
•To be blessed, you have to have good thoughts
•To be a great person, you have to treat people with sincerity
•To be good in business, you have to honor your words
•To be good in your craft, you have to be focused 

自强不息、厚德载物、天道酬勤、地道酬善、人道酬诚、商道酬信、业道酬精 – Ken Lai, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ken Lai, the CEO of SuperLife is an affluent entrepreneur in Malaysia and believes that character is more important than intelligent in success. He came from family of 11 siblings; his parents worked odd jobs to support the family. Ken Lai worked hard to fund his own education and graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), also known as Malaysia National University with a degree in Political Science. Right after his graduation, he started his career in the insurance and personal finance industry. He worked very hard to prove himself and got promoted to the Group Sales Manager level within a short span of 3 years. With the experience he amassed, he truly understood the need of distributors in network marketing industry, and strive to alleviate the pain and frustrations that most people encounter within the industry. He then founded SuperLife World along with other co-founders.

Lai Tek Kean CEO | Founder

SuperLife Story

After one year of fervent groundwork and careful planning, SuperLife was officially launched in early 2017. The core management team is made up of 4 professionals from different background, all sharing common entrepreneurial traits.

One World One Vision

Our aim is to evolve the network marketing industry in a positive manner, and create a healthy entrepreneurship culture throughout the world. We focus on health products which treats various health conditions on our power and proven marketing platform. SuperLife aims to transform the lives of our members for the better, where they can leave a legacy for the future generations.
Today SuperLife is an international company and we have localized operations in more than 40 countries at the moment, while we are actively expanding into many new markets. By working closely with the authorities in each country, we always ensure that our products and business adhre to all legal requirements. We are working diligently to ensure that payments systems are well-established in every country and members will have ready access to products. We strive to create localized operations on a global scale, where the operations will be seamless in every country, and all members will have an established and effective platform to build a global business network with SuperLife.

Scientifically and clinically proven formulation

SuperLife emphasizes on product quality and R&D and we collaborate with leading research institutions to produce organic foods and supernutrients which help prevent various health conditions. Then, we bring these highly effective and clinically proven products to the global market through our powerful marketing platform.

Social media is the king of marketing

With one-third of the world’s population on social media, SuperLife understands it needs to continuously strengthen social media engagement while ensuring our system is competent, smooth and convenient in order to stay ahead of the curve. SuperLife aims to revolutionize the whole experience of network marketing, making it an enjoyable and interactive career through our mobile app.
That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for SuperLife.
In a short span of 6 months, SuperLife achieved Most Outstanding Category in ASEAN Business Award 2017, one of the most prestigious business award within ASEAN region. The rapid growth of SuperLife is unprecedented in the network marketing industry; to date, SuperLife has successfully expanded into more than 40 countries. All these is made possible with competent management, sound leadership and loyal distributors ho share the same vison with SuperLife.

Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. Courage is what counts! – Paul Nair, Co-Founder and Chief Finance Officer

Hailing from a modest background, Paul Nair was ambitious from very young. He learned that having a good education is crucial to success in life, hence he worked very hard to excel in class. Paul Nair graduated with a Degree in Engineering (Dean’s List) from the University of Technology, Malaysia. He started his career in engineering in Singapore but soon discovered his interest in the finance sector. He was headhunted into working for a top public listed company in Malaysia, Sime Darby Berhad. After working close to 4 years in the corporate finance department, he moved to the United Kingdom where he was employed by KPMG UK in the Corporate Finance Department. Being ambitious as he is, he went on to complete his MBA at the prestigious University of Oxford, majoring in Strategy & Finance. Post-MBA, Paul grew an interest in entrepreneurship and decided to venture on his own. He later met his business partner Ken Lai and founded SuperLife with 2 other Co-Founders. Paul is the Co-Founder and Chief Finance Officer of SuperLife and oversees the strategy, finance and legal functions of SuperLife. 

Even when your goal is still far away, don’t let reality crush your dreams, find your initial motivation and fight on – Harry Tee, Co-Founder and Chief Operation Officer

Growing up poor, Harry Tee could only dream of being successful. Since young, he realized that entrepreneurship is the only way out of mediocrity. Throughout secondary school, Harry Tee involved himself in small businesses, setting up stalls by the roadside, where he learnt about sales and marketing. Prior to completing his college education, he decided that his time was better spent on entrepreneurship and went on to start a few businesses. Things went well and Harry became even more ambitious; this led him to a risky franchise investment, which he miscalculated and ended up losing all his investments. Deep in debts and almost declared insolvent, Harry was at the lowest point of his life. Remembering why he first started entrepreneurship, he went back into network marketing industry and worked himself tirelessly and relentlessly. His hard work eventually paid off. Harry Tee is currently the co-founder, serving as the Chief Operating Officer in SuperLife. He oversees company’s day-to-day operation, human resource management, public relations, inventory control, logistics and product research and development. 



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